USCG Approves and Plans To Move Buoys At Entrance of Rock Hall Harbor


Rock Hall Harbor Entrance

In a phone call and email to Rock Hall Wave, Kent County Commissioner and Rock Hall Town Manager, Ronnie Fithian forwarded the good news that the United States Coast Guard has approved Rock Hall’s request to move the channel marker buoys at the entrance to our harbor.  In doing this, boaters, sports fishermen and commercial watermen will find the entrance more navigable.  Ronnie said, “I really want to thank Congressman Andy Harris and Delegate Dick Sossi for the help and support on getting us to the right people and to the help we need.”

Town Manager Fithian is waiting to hear back on the date of execution.  Below you may read the email received by the Town of Rock Hall from the United States Coast Guard.


Dear Mr. Fithian,

I just received information back from our local Coast Guard office. Right now the Coast Guard plans to move one of the buoys at the entrance of the inlet in order to mark best water.  We do not currently have a date of execution for that move, but will follow up w/ those details as soon as possible.
Unfortunately, this will only provide a solution until that waterway is eventually dredged, which is an Army Corps of Engineer responsibility.

The Coast Guard will continue to mark best water until our assets are no longer able to do so, at which point we would then have to make a determination of the best course of action.  Please let me know if you have additional questions.  I’ll continue to send you information as I receive it.


Stephanie Morrison

United States Coast Guard


  1. John MacEvoy says:

    Moving the buoys will help newcomers to avoid shallowest spot, but the channel is too shallow at its deepest point and needs dredging now. Shuffling buoys won’t fix that and is no more effective than rotating tires to fix a flat. It’s avoiding the real problem.


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