Potential Schedule For Rock Hall Blue Crab Crawler & Osprey Flyer

Rock Hall’s Blue Crab Crawler and Osprey Flyer will be on the road beginning Friday, June 15 starting at 10AM.  They will take a break around 4:45 PM for the ribbon cutting on Main Street during Cruise Night. Follow this link for information on ribbon cutting information.

Below is the anticipated fare and schedule information for this weekend.  However, this is subject to change.

Blue Crab Crawler and Osprey Flyer will circumnavigate Rock Hall in a continuous loop that serves businesses and points of interest.  You may phone :

  • Blue Crab Crawler at 443-282-5092
  • Osprey Flyer at 443-282-5058

Fare is $1 per person per ride.  Season passes for Rock Hall property owners are anticipated at $35 per household.

We anticipate changes, revisions and your suggestions in helping us to provide the best service to residents, transients, slip holders, visitors, cruisers and fun seekers!


  1. Phil Anderson says:

    where do I go to buy a seasonal pass? will they be available this weekend? article says passes are $35 for the household, but flyer says $35 per pass. will there be some kind of photo identification card issued?

    • Robin Wood Kurowski says:

      Hi Phil…. to my knowledge it will be $35 per household. I did both the post and the flyer yesterday for Rock Hall Wave.
      I am not sure how the cards will be issued, but will post that info as soon as I receive it.
      I did not attend the Mayor and Council mtg last night. I hope to catch up with everyone tonight at the ribbon cutting on Main Street.
      Will you be there?

  2. Lisa Councillor says:

    Robin, the post also say Rock Hall property “owners”, does this mean I can’t obtain a pass? I currently rent my home. Also, I am within town limits, Boundary Ave. and not really able to walk the 3 blocks to Main Street, if I call ahead will they make a run out my way?

  3. Bob Willis says:

    Lisa, tenants certainly can purchase seasonal pass. Phone the driver and he can make arrangements.

  4. Donna Ferron says:

    It would be great if slip holders could purchase a season pass. I know I wouldn’t come close to 35 trips but I rarely carry money. It’s great to have this option available once again.

    • Robin Wood Kurowski says:

      Donna….that is a yes……. Monday thru Friday you can purchase at Town Hall. Call 410-639-7611!


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